Joy 365 - A Devotional for Joy Restoration
Carla Co-Author

Joy 365

A Devotional For Joy Restoration

Joy 365 A Devotional for Joy Restoration is a unique devotional that invites you on a daily journey through the perspectives of 365 coauthors from around the world. Each day unveils a new source of inspiration as diverse voices come together to share joy-filled prayers, uplifting scriptures, and heartfelt devotionals. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of cultural richness as you explore the universal theme of joy, finding solace, wisdom, and connection in the shared human experience. This devotional promises a daily dose of positivity, drawing from a global community that transcends borders and celebrates the myriad ways joy manifests in our lives. As you turn the pages, discover the power of collective joy, uniting hearts and minds in a tapestry of faith, hope, and love. “Joy 365” is more than a devotional; it’s a testament to the joy that unites us all, reminding us that, regardless of our differences, we can find common ground in the simple yet profound pursuit of happiness.

Choose Joy - Affirmations from 365 Authors
Carla Co-Author

Choose Joy

Affirmations from 365 Authors

This Affirmation guide is a delightful and inspirational journal that offers daily affirmations to uplift your spirit and brighten your outlook on life. With contributions from a diverse group of 365 talented authors, each day’s affirmation provides a unique perspective on finding joy, purpose, and positivity. This beautifully designed journal allows you to capture your thoughts, reflections, and personal affirmations as you journey through a year of self-discovery and happiness. It’s the perfect companion to help you start each day with a joyful mindset and embrace the power of positive thinking. Choose Joy” is a collaborative masterpiece, woven together by 365 coauthors worldwide, representing both men and women boys and girls. This unique journal unfolds a tapestry of affirmations and prayers, crafted to bring daily doses of inspiration, hope, and emotional restoration. With diverse voices from around the globe, this collective work invites readers to embark on a year-long journey, embracing joy and resilience in every aspect of life.

Dear Superwoman
Carla Co-Author

Dear Superwoman

God has gathered twenty eight children of God with an inspirational story of power. This treasure will encourage hearts to never give up and to remind us that there is always hope on THE WAY, Jesus. 

Get your copy today! Thanks for your continued prayers and support! 

You are a Superhero!

Dear Superwoman Group Photo with Book